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Expert repairs
90 days Apple world wide warranty on the parts replaced by us. Every computer are thoroughly tested using Apple diagnostic program. Rapid turnaround.
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Exclusive service for Apple computer
Fast repair turnaround. Any parts replace by us will be covered under 90 days Apple world wide warranty. Your computer will be thoroughly tested using Apple diagnostic pragram.


                                                                                  NO APPOINMENT NEED

                                                                                                                                  FREE COLLECTION IF YOUR iMAC UNDER APPLE CARE

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We are the only Apple repair centre in north west london that can provide you with a service that is suitable for anyone requirement.

Apple Repair Service :  Plan 1

  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Any parts replace by us is guarantee by Apple world wide warranty for 90 days.
  • Any liquid spillage on computer is not covered by Apple warranty,but after the repair done by us your warrant will be continue.
  • Apple have design servical test for each computer. Which we will run and upload the result to the Apple computer support team.
  • For small charge we can fast track you Apple warranty repairs
  • We also provide a FREE pick up and drop of service on any apple desktop computer that is COVERED under Applecare.

Apple Repair Service : Plan 2

  • Slow turnaround time.
  • Low-cost Apple repairs by replacing with good used parts.

Why choose Apple Repair Service

  • Everyone of us like to have the latest Apple product. Therefore we aim that alll your technician are fully Apple Certified.
  • We aim to completed the repair before you can make reservation with Genius bar.
  • 100% Apple Focused repair centre.
  • Competitive rates.
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