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Apple Battery

Apple Laptop battery UK|Apple battery

  • Battery not Charging
  • Battery Consumed
  • Battery condition replace soon
  • Battery Swollen

A swollen battery should be replaced.

Performing regular maintanance ensures that the battery can continue powering your computer for a long time.
Tips for keeping your battery healthy:- Monitoring the battery status
Discharges.. Don't keep the battery fully charged all of the time
Temperature The temperature at which you store and use the battery can have a real impact on its longevity (50 f and 95 f)

Macbook Rechargeable Battery

Model No A1185 10.8V 55Wh

MacBook Pro 15.4in Rechargeable Battery

Original Macbook pro

15 Model no A1175 10.8V 60Wh

MacBook 13in model A1280 10.8v 45Wh