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Apple Repairs

Apple Repair/iMac Repair/MacBook Pro Repair/Macbook Air Repair

Why are we different from other Apple repair centre? Because we can offer you with many different choices.
  • We aim to complete the repair before you can make a reservation with Genius bar..
  • We can offer you a fast track service on Apple warranty repair at a small cost.
  • We are able to quote you for repair, either using original Apple parts with 90 days world wide warranty or with good used parts.
  • With your premission we can offer you with a service to run Apple diagnostic software on your computer and upload the result obtained to the Apple support team to troubleshoot and address issues concerning your computer.
  • If you like to supply us with the parts for basic faults like cracked screens or DVD not reading, we are happy to fit it..

Ask yourself a question? What's inside  my computer? What can possibly go wrong?

  • Power supply (Desktop) or Main Adaptor (Laptop)
  • Logic board
  • CD/DVD drive
  • Hard drive
  • Screen
  • Keyboard/mouse/trackpad

How we can help you

  • We offer callout service
  • We can Collect/Delivery the computer
  • In Walking service (we offer Free Diagnosis)
  • Remote service (connet with your computer at home)
  • We backup your data while your computer is in repair by us at no extra cost.
  • Free advice at any time
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