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Mac Going Slow

Spinning Beach Ball

The spinning beach ball / wait cursor or spinning disc pointer, where mouse pointer turns in to rotating colour wheel, typically indicates the processor on your Mac is busy. According to the Apple Human Interface Guidelines this event is described as 

"The spinning wait cursor is displayed automatically by the window server when an application cannot handle all of the events it receives. If an application does not respond for about 2 to 4 seconds, the spinning wait cursor appears."

The spinning beach ball can be caused by insufficient CPU processing power, RAM or free disk space for the activities undertaken. The problem can be fixed by adding more memory (RAM), replacing the hard drive or closing unnecessary programs that may use up resources in the background. 

We can help resolve your problems with the spinning beach ball by

  • Running the Apple hardware/Software diagnotics to identify the problem
  • Find out if a firmware required updating
  • Upgrade hardware where necessary