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Apple Upgrades

Memory Upgrade | Hard Drive Upgrade


We will transfer all the data for you to the new drive.

Benefit of upgrading will solve some of your problem

  • Computer Going Slow
  • Eliminates any mechanical problem your current drive is experiencing
  • More storage space


Why upgrading memory help

Ram is one of the quickest, most efficient and less cost-effective ways to boost performance of your computer.

After memory upgrade you will notice the difference

  • Smoother muititasking/li>
  • Faster Web surfing
  • Able to printer large file
  • More efficient video editing
  • Picture scolling will be faster


We will assess you computer and consider what is best choose or whether it is worth upgrading.

  • We will supply and install the memory for any Apple Computer
  • We will supply and install the hard drive or SSD drive