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Data Recovery

Data Recovery from any Apple computer

Do not worry if your hard drive has crashed, failed to start up, makes clicking sounds. We can recover your valuable data.

We can recover your data from any media:


How we can help?

  • No Data, No Fee service.
  • As long as the hard drive is not mechanically damage (Drop, liquid damage) then our success rate of recovering the data is 99%
  • Our highly qualified data recovery technicians can rebuild your filling system structures to allow access to the data.
  • We will transfer the data recovered onto a new hard drive.


What is the chance of data recovering

Hardware Fault Software Fault Mechanically damage
No power to computer Not starting up or not booting. Hard drive making clicking noise.
No display or damage screen Folder with question mark appear on screen. Hard drive making beeping noise.
Liquid damage Apple logo with spinning gear. 10% of success rate of data recovering
99.9% of success rate of data recovering Starts up to the blue screen.  
  Computer going very slow.  
  Hard drive not appearing on desktop.  
  85% of success rate of data recovering  

MacBook Pro | MacBook | iMac

IF you apple computer is under warranty or out of warranty and data is importance

  • We will recovered the data.
  • We will replace the drive (Free if under warranty)
  • Transfer the data on to the new drive.