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iMac introduced between 2008 and Early 2009

The IMac features a stunning aluminum and glass finish and a thinner.The entire display is covered in an anti-glare glass covering. Removing and cleaning the glass panel requires special tools

The most common hardware fault occurr are:-

  • Hard drive......Computer not to start up or folder with question mark appear.
  • Optical drive.. Unable to read dvd or cd
  • Graphic card...Computer crashings or line appears on the display.
  • Power supply.. No power
  • Display............Problem either dark display or line on display.
  • Fan.................Noisy fan

Apple regard this imac model as vinatage, therefore Apple no longer supply any new parts.

What can you upgrade on this iMac

  • Free you can download the Mavericks 10.9 operation system from Apple store.
  • Upgrade hard drive upto 2TB


Upgrade memory upto,

  • 4GB on the imac which has 3 usb port at the back of the computer
  • 8GB if you have 4 usb ports.