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What can you upgrade on this iMac

  • Memory upto 16Gb
  • Storage space upto 2000GB
  • On any apple computer you can always add Soild State drive by removing the Dvd drive
  • On 27 inch imac introduced in 2011 have a option of addind Soild state drive underneath Dvd drive with extra apple cable supply.

Imac introduced between late 2009 and mid 2012

Imac is distinguishing, by the front glass panel extend all the way to the top,left and right edges.

What the difference betwwen this iMac model then previous model

  • Four memory slots add so iMac can be upgrade to Max of 16Gb.
  • The aspect ratio of display is 16:9 (used film and movies)
  • SD Card slot
  • Wireless keyboard and Mouse
  • On 27 July 2010, Apple launched a new Imac with intel core 13.15.17 Processors with new graphic card
  • Apple magic trackpad
  • Option of add second hard drive on 27 inch model.
  • On 2011 Apple launched another iMac model with faster processor and graphic card and extra feather
  • Thunderbolt port was introduced
  • Facetime HD 720p camera.

Some of a common problem occur on this iMac model

Power button seems stuck or permanently depressed.

The power button on the back makes the iMac neater from the front.

Noisy optical fan

Computer fuction as normal but continual noisy.
This problem is very common on 21inch imac.

iMac 27onch Display -Dark on left side