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Keyboard Trackpad Mouse Error

Apple Keyboard/Apple Trackpad/Apple Mouse

  • Sticky Keys

  • Key switch mechanism broken

  • Keystrokes not recognized

  • Displayed characters does match keys pressed.


Missing keys? Spilit liquid on your keyboard? it's common and that's what we do replaced the keyboard.


  • Some randon keys are not working.
  • Vertical rows of keys not working
  • Keyboard not working due to faulty trackpad on the Laptop computer

Liquid Spillage

  • A group of keys on keyboard fill stick this is due to liquid damage

Macbook Pro TrackPad | MacBook Air TrackPad

  • The Point does not move
  • Clicker button on your trackpad does not work.

Check the setting in the system preferences.

We can help you to replace the Trackpad.

  • Mouse not working.
  • Unable to scroll up/down or sideward.