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MacBook Air

Original MacBook Air
MacBook Air 11 inch
MacBook Air 13 inch

MacBook Air is design with fewer components, also the components are smaller and more integrated then other Apple laptop design.

MacBook Air Disadvantage Solution
No dvd drive Purchase an external Usb drive
No ethernet Port Purchase a Usb or Thunderbolt to ethernet cable
No Fireware Port Purchase thunderbolt to firewire cable
Built in fixed memory Cannot be upgradeable
Flash storage drive Install on late macBook Air
Apple became very cleaver to place the liquid sensors on ALL the modules inside the MacBook Air.These sensors are only visible when the macbook air is opened.

Basic check customer can perform

Batterry problem
  • This MacBook Air has a built in diagnostic LED. If repeats 5 flash led pattern occur on Ac Adaptor when the computer startup indicate battery may need service.
Wi-fi not working.
  • Check for nearby interference such as microwave ovens and cordless phones
  • Connect using Apple Thunderbolt to ethernet cable to check with internet working.
Thunderbolt Port not working.
  • Thunderbolt requires up to date software and firmware to function properly.
Camera problem
  • Startup with photo booth application to verify that the green LED next to the camere light up.
Memory problem
  • When macbook air startup with 3 beep tones
  • Horizontal lines appear on the display.